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Clinical Facilities

Teaching Hospitals

Lab Facilities


Our nine state-of-the-art nursing labs include medical simulators that mimic almost any imaginable patient scenario, including childbirth in the obstetrics lab to hospice home health care at the SHARE House located on the campus of St. Leonard’s Health Care Center in Centerville, Ohio. Students have access to an open lab, equipped with task trainers and simulators, to practice learned nursing skills in an independent and supervised setting. 

Exam Rooms

Our 10 exam rooms mirror the functions and equipment in typical health care settings. The rooms include exam tables, a sink, computer, and a headwall unit containing an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, thermometer, and blood pressure cuff. Students learn and practice head-to-toe assessments in the exam rooms.


Wright State nursing students have access to approximately 35 medical simulators. The simulators are low, medium, and high fidelity in their scope of functions, offering realistic responses to treatment. The infant, pediatric, adult, and geriatric mannequins can simulate various health issues that include birthing, cardiac events requiring CPR and defibrillation, and seizures.

Task Trainers

The task trainers are lifelike models of body parts utilized to learn and practice specific nursing skills. Example of skills includes assessing blood pressure, providing airway management, inserting peripheral intravenous catheters, placement of urinary catheters and nasal gastric tubes, central venous catheter care, performing injections, listening for abnormal lung and heart sounds, and instructing patients in proper breast self-examination.

Other Facilities

Nursing Lounge

The nursing lounge, located at 089B University Hall, offers a dedicated space for students to relax or study independently or in groups. The lounge, open 24 hours per day, includes tables, chairs, couches, a whiteboard, a computer, and a microwave.

Computer Lab

The nursing computer lab, located at 009 University Hall, offers access to 30 computers as well as printers and large whiteboards. Students can work on assignments between classes. Classes occasionally take place in this lab as well.

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