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Why Choose Deaf Studies?

The Minor in deaf studies will provide you with knowledge and understanding of deaf people, including the culture, history and the language of ASL. The program will provide a cultural and linguistic understanding of the deaf while looking at the life of deaf and hard-of-hearing people from a variety of perspectives. 

The deaf studies minor complements many major fields of study and prepares you to work in an array of settings where American Sign Language skill and knowledge of the American deaf community are necessary. The skills learned in this program can benefit you if you plan to work in settings such as education, business, human services, social work, health care, counseling, theater, and many others. The minor consists of 20 credits and a grade of C or higher is required in all courses taken toward the minor concentration, including the four basic language courses. 

What the deaf studies minor is not: It is not an interpreter education program or a deaf education program. This program does not prepare you to become an interpreter or a teacher of the deaf; rather, the minor in deaf studies will prepare you to be a friend, advocate, and ally of the deaf, and enable you to interact with deaf persons by using American Sign Language. 

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Contact Information

Barbara Dunaway
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Academics and Curriculum

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Admission Requirements

  • 20 semester credit hours of college coursework
  • Cumulative minimum GPA of 2.35

Admission Process


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