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Culturally Informed Counseling Certificate

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Why Choose Culturally Informed Counseling?

The Culturally Informed Counseling certificate program includes 12 credit hours of rigorous interactive learning courses which provide comprehensive study into the interdisciplinary field of multicultural competence and advocacy in counseling. Each course focuses on a critical analysis in a specific area of social justice, including:

  • Culturally oppressive mental health practices
  • Historical and current sociocultural understandings of oppression which affect diagnosis, treatment planning, and community advocacy
  • An examination of difference, power, privilege, justice, and activism; and direct applications of culturally aware interventions in diverse practice settings

Academics and Curriculum

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Anyone with a master’s degree and/or is pursuing a master’s in any program in human services and other related fields (e.g. social work, psychology, counseling, administration, education, and nursing) is eligible to apply for the Culturally Informed Counseling Certificate program.

Admission Process


Apply to Graduate School as a non-degree student or a graduate student.

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