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2024 Fall Open Houses

Welcome! We are excited that you are considering the Psy.D. Program at the Wright State University School of Professional Psychology (SOPP)! We have three open houses (2 virtual and 1 in-person) available during the fall semester. An open house is an opportunity for you to meet faculty and students and learn more about the Psy.D. program. Please complete the registration below to indicate the open house you will be attending. We are excited to meet you! Download a printable flyer (PDF).

  • Wednesday, September 10, 6-7 p.m. (virtual; a link will be sent after registration is processed)
  • Tuesday, October 2, 6-7 p.m. (in-person; Millett Hall Atrium)
  • Thursday, October 24, 6-7 p.m. (virtual; a link will be sent after registration is processed)

Open House Registration

Admission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University!

We practice a holistic application review process that considers the many unique qualities each applicant presents. In short, we work to assemble a class consistent with the mission of the school.

Why should you consider the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State? Learn more about our outstanding faculty and read quotes from some of our current and previous students!

"I picked SOPP because of its emphasis on diversity and the plethora of opportunities...SOPP always aims to back up its claims with actions."

- SOPP Student

Read more student perspectives (PDF).

General Requirements

  • Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited university prior to starting the program. You are not required to have completed your bachelor's degree at the time of application.  
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA

Required Prerequisite Courses

  • Introductory Psychology: Introduction to basic concepts in the study of behavior.
  • Introductory Statistics: Application of descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and hypothesis testing.
  • Behavioral Neuroscience/Biopsychology/Physiological Psychology: Study of human neurological functions as they relate to behavior, cognition and perception. 
  • Abnormal Psychology: Overview of facts and theories pertaining to abnormal behavior.
  • Research Methods: Introduction to the design and execution of behavioral studies.

Strongly Recommended Courses

  • Developmental Psychology: Survey of theory, research, and methodological issues in the study of human development.
  • Personality Theory: Review of contemporary theories of personality and associated research methodology.
  • Learning Theory: Survey of cognitive processes, with emphasis on learning and memory systems.
  • Social Psychology: Survey of current theories and experimental findings regarding the determinants of social behavior.
  • Theory of Tests and Measurements: Introduction to the construction and use of formal tests and scales, with special emphasis on the utilization of standardized tests.

Admissions Process

The Psy.D. program applications are due by Monday, November 18, 2024 for Fall 2025 admission. Applications for the Psy.D. program must be submitted via PSYCAS. The SOPP section of PSYCAS will open around Friday, September 6, 2024. Submit your completed application (including verified transcripts) no later than the November 18th deadline. *Note: The SOPP only admits students in the Fall. 

  1. Update your browser before starting the application.
  2. Create an account at PSYCAS. once the application site is open (it will open around September 6, 2024).
  3. Select the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University from the list of available programs.
  4. Please note, PSYCAS charges a standard fee of $80.00 to apply to the first program through their portal and $40.00 for each additional program.) PSYCAS fee waivers must be requested through PSYCAS.
  5. Pay the SOPP $50.00 application processing fee. This fee is non-refundable and in addition to PSYCAS fees. Pay the SOPP application processing fee here.
  6. SOPP application processing fee waivers are available for qualified applicants. Please contact the SOPP Administrative office at or 937-775-3490 to request a waiver.
  7. Follow instructions through the PSYCAS portal to complete your online application. Be sure to include each of the application materials listed below. Please note that all materials (e.g., transcripts, letters of recommendation…etc.) must be submitted to PSYCAS only. Please do not send these materials to Wright State University.
  8. Review and submit your completed application.
  9. Following the review of SOPP Faculty and the Selection Committee, all applicants will be notified by email of their status. Notifications will go out by mid-January.
  10. Interview dates for Fall 2025 admission are: Friday, January 31, 2025, Monday, February 03, 2025, and Wednesday, February 05, 2025.
  11. Notification of acceptances will take place as soon as possible after interviews.

Application Materials

Please submit through PSYCASDo not send materials to the SOPP admissions office.

  1. Evidence of successful completion of or plans to complete the following required prerequisite courses:
    1. Introductory Psychology
    2. Abnormal Psychology
    3. Behavioral Neuroscience/Biopsychology/Physiological Psychology
    4. Basic Statistics
    5. Research Methods
  2. For the Fall 2024 application cycle (Fall 2025 admission), Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from the General Aptitude Test are NOT required.
  3. Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended, even if a degree was not awarded. (This includes Wright State University transcripts.) Transcript request forms are available from PSYCAS during the application completion process. All official transcripts should be sent directly to PSYCAS.
  4. Three (3) professional letters of recommendation submitted through the PSYCAS application portal. We strongly recommend that the letters of recommendation are written by doctoral-level professionals.
  5. A diversity statement. (Approximately 500 words; see instructions below)
  6. A personal statement. (Approximately 500 words; see instructions below)
  7. A curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé.

Please upload the following documents:

  1. A Diversity Statement: SOPP values social equity within the context of power, privilege, and oppression. We focus on personal and professional identity development among students, faculty, staff, clients, and other stakeholders. Reflecting on your experiences of social privilege AND any personal experiences of marginalization/stigma (if applicable), discuss how these experiences may have shaped you personally and professionally. Where will you be challenged and what are you willing to do (or what have you already done) to meet these challenges? (Your essay should be approximately 500 words.) 
  2. A Personal Statement: Please provide a statement regarding your personal and career goals and motivation for these goals. In addition, discuss your reasons for wanting to become a clinical psychologist and your specific reasons for your interest in the School of Professional Psychology. (Your essay should be approximately 500 words, 12 point Times New Roman font.)
  3. A curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé.

International Applicants

You will be asked to provide copies of a valid passport and proof of financial ability to pay. Visit the Wright State University Center for International Education (UCIE) website for more information. 

International applicants whose native language is not English, or who do not have an undergraduate or graduate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. academic institution, must demonstrate English proficiency by achieving a minimum score from one of these tests:

  • TOEFL IBT – 79
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – 6.0
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) - 57

SOPP Vision, Mission & Values Statements

Building on our culture of innovation and a commitment to diversity, we strive to be the program of choice for health service psychology students, scholars, and practitioners looking to engage in reparative justice. The School of Professional Psychology inspires students to achieve excellence and to be innovative in the practice of health service psychology. We value social equity within the context of power, privilege, and oppression. We focus on personal and professional identity development among students, faculty, staff, clients, and other stakeholders. Our core values unite us as an organization. They are the shared beliefs and essential principles that guide our behavior, our interactions with each and our decision-making.

SOPP Values:

  • Integrity
  • Social Justice
  • Excellence
  • Cultural Humility

SOPP Culture

We are a community of learners committed to excellence and innovation in the practice of Health Service Psychology based on the best psychological science. Faculty and students demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and are proactive members within the SOPP community and the communities we serve.

We proudly hold true to the values of integrity, social justice, and cultural humility in all of its interactions. Our mission today continues without change: "Preparing tomorrow’s psychologists for a diverse world."

Following are GPA mean scores for students entering SOPP from 2019 – 2024:

  • Mean Undergraduate GPA: 3.5 

Following are Internship Match-Rate Summaries from 2019–2024:

  • 2024 = 100% Match-rate (100% APA sites...)
  • 2023 =  96% Match-rate (100% APA sites...)
  • 2022 = 100% Match-rate (100% APA sites…)
  • 2021 = 95% Match-rate (95% APA sites...)
  • 2020 = 100% Match-rate (100% APA sites...)
  • 2019 = 100% Match-rate (100% APA sites...)

We practice a holistic application review process that considers the unique qualities each applicant presents. In short, we work to assemble a class consistent with the mission of the school.

Applicants with Disabilities

Any otherwise qualified applicant with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation regarding the application process and services as a prospective student. Requests for accommodation of a disability should be submitted to the Office of Disability Services online or by contacting the office at 937-937-5680 for additional information. 

Students are encouraged to make accommodation requests as early as possible so we can ensure the appropriate accommodations/adjustments are in place. Another helpful resource can be found here: The American Psychological Association’s Resource Guide for Psychology Graduate Students with Disabilities.

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