School of Professional Psychology

Background Check Policy


Effective July 1, 2011, all students are required to undergo and satisfactorily complete an FBI and State Criminal background check (i.e., WebCheck Ohio BCI and FBI Fingerprinting Background check) as a condition of admission to the School of Professional Psychology. An offer of admission will not be final until the completion of the background check with results deemed favorable. Admission may be denied or rescinded based on a review of the background check. Students are required to cover the cost of a criminal background check which includes but is not limited to, criminal background history through city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, Military Personnel Record Center, educational institutions, private companies, and present and/or past employers.  Background reports and other submitted information are confidential and may only be viewed by the school’s chair, or appropriate other school personnel, in accordance with the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The chair shall inform students who have negative findings in their background check report and are nonetheless permitted to enroll, that the school’s decision is not a guarantee that a clinical facility will permit the student to participate in the educational program at its facility, or that any state will accept the individual as a candidate for registration, permit, or licensure.
Students and applicants have the right to review the information reported in their background check for accuracy and completeness and to request that the conducting company verify that the background information provided is correct. Prior to making a final determination that will adversely affect the applicant or student, the school will provide applicants or students a copy of or access to the background check report and inform them of their rights to challenge the accuracy of the report and that the reporting entities were not involved in any decisions made by the school.

A background check will be honored for the duration of enrollment if the student is continuously enrolled. However, the SOPP, at its discretion, may request a new background check at any time during a student’s enrollment. A student who has a break in enrollment is required to complete a new background check. A break in enrollment is defined as non-enrollment of at least one term in the approved curriculum of the program. However, a student whose attendance has been suspended due to a licensing agency’s eligibility certification process will not be considered as having a break in enrollment. An officially approved leave of absence is not considered a break in enrollment.

Falsification of information, including omission of relevant information, may result in denial of admission or dismissal from the program. Students are required to report any conviction against the law (other than minor traffic violations) that occurs after the student has matriculated. This information should be reported to the chair. Criminal activity that occurs while a student is in attendance at the school may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal, and will be addressed through the school’s published policies. Criminal convictions can affect academic status, practica and internship eligibility.

(Updated 3/23/2023)

WebCheck BCI and FBI Procedures

Electronic fingerprinting is available at Wright State's Office of Partnerships and Field Experiences (OPFE) by appointment only during their scheduled open hours. Electronic fingerprinting is also available through many community agencies. Costs vary by agency. Be aware that the processing of electronic fingerprinting may take 5-6 weeks. Background checks must be initiated before the start of the Fall semester. Copies submitted by students or agencies other than Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations are not acceptable. 

Information for Completing BCI and FBI Background Check through OPFE

  1. You must schedule an appointment.
  2. You must pay for the WebCheck background check before the day of your appointment.
    1. Select your WebCheck Option: BFBI (combination Ohio BCI&I and FBI) background check
    2. Save your receipt because you must bring it to your scheduled appointment.
  3. During your appointment:
    1. Bring your driver's license, passport, or state ID.
    2. Bring proof of payment.
    3. Be prepared to complete a form with the following questions. OPFE employees cannot help you with the answers.
      1. Have you been a resident of the State of Ohio for the past 5 years?  _____ Yes    _____ No
      2. What type of background check do you require: X BFBI (Ohio BCI & FBI)
      3. Which agency would you like your electronic copy sent to?  X None
      4. Where would you like your physical copy sent to? 
        1. X Other- SOPP, using this address:
          1. Wright State University; SOPP Attention: Michelle Schultz; 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy Dayton, OH 45435
      5. What are the reasons for the background check?
        1. BCI: School Employees- non-teaching positions
        2. FBI: Volunteer Children's Act

Background Check Procedure for Out-of-State Students 

Students residing out-of-state must obtain fingerprint cards for their state and federal WebChecks. These cards may be downloaded from the Ohio BCI website. Carefully follow the directions on both fingerprinting cards and mail them to Ohio BCI for processing.

Visit the Ohio Attorney General Background Check Frequently Asked Questions webpage for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the BCI or how to obtain another copy of previous results.