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Boost your career by acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to lead effectively. Take courses that focus on the people side of organizations and leading others. Pursue an undergraduate certificate in organizational leadership at Wright State. 

This 12-credit interdisciplinary program contains four courses that focus on self-leadership, leadership theory and best practices, interpersonal leadership, and team leadership. It is open to both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students and can enhance any major. 

Gain a broad perspective as you prepare for complex social, cultural, and professional issues encountered in the workplace.

Organizations have an increasing demand for those who have mastery in: 

  • Interpersonal communication 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Building effective teams 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Taking initiative 
  • Problem solving 
  • Decision-making 
  • Conflict management 

Understand yourself as a leader and bring your leadership strengths to workplace relationships and collaborative initiatives in the organizations where you work. This certificate program can help you accomplish both goals.

Apply for the OL Certificate


Organizations of all sizes need managers and employees with strong leadership skills. The certificate is a great option if you are a(n): 

  • Employee wanting to move into a supervisory or managerial role (enroll as a non-degree seeking student but still earn college credit) 
  • Pursuing another major at Wright State University 
  • Person who has taken on additional responsibilities and would benefit by better understanding your leadership strengths and how to leverage them to build strong relationships and teams that deliver results (enroll as a non-degree seeking student but still earn college credit) 

Our Graduates Work For 

  • Numerous for profit and non-profit organizations in and around the Miami Valley. 

Our Graduates Work As

  • Marketing account manager 
  • Business owner 
  • Government/military positions 
  • Public relations manager 
  • Corporate recruiter 
  • Sales account executive 
  • Human resource specialist 
  • Event planner 
  • Pharmacy technician 
  • Bank executive 
  • Customer service manager 

Real-World Experience 

Guided by knowledgeable, experienced, interactive, and hands-on faculty, you will apply what you learn in the classroom to projects and assignments that simulate real-world challenges and experiences.

Academics and Curriculum 

View Organizational Leadership Certificate program information and degree requirements in the Academic Catalog.

The following three-credit-hour courses are required for the completion of the organizational leadership undergraduate certificate:

  • OL 2010–Leading Self: Overview of the personal and professional skills and dispositions necessary for effective leadership in an organizational setting.
  • OL 3020–Leadership Foundations: Introduction to leadership practice and skill development, with an emphasis in understanding theories and styles for use in organizational settings.
  • OL 3030–Interpersonal Leadership: Focus on developing and using emotional intelligence (EI) competencies for effectively leading others. 
  • OL 3040–Leading Teams: Strategies for leading effective teams, improving teamwork, and building collaboration toward commonly shared goals.

The four courses included in the certificate program are offered in an online format as well as face-to-face.


If you are interested in pursuing the undergraduate certificate in organizational leadership or want to learn more, complete an interest form. You will be contacted shortly after your information has been received. 

Program Outcomes 

As a result of completing the courses required for the undergraduate organizational leadership certificate, students will:

  1. Recognize their leadership style by completing self-assessments, writing self-reflections, examining their level of emotional intelligence, confidence, and optimism, and by exploring their individual problem solving and decision-making styles.
  2. Identify the importance of values, ethics, trust, integrity, accountability, initiative, follow-through, forgiveness, vulnerability, and personal brand as it relates to establishing credibility as a leader.
  3. Develop competence in numerous forms of communication: one-on-one, in a team environment, verbally, nonverbally, in writing, through listening, in a large group presentation, and virtually, using technology.
  4. Implement the leadership behaviors necessary to motivate individuals and collaborate in teams to achieve organizational goals.

Interested in a Customized Leadership Certificate for your Organization? 

With as few as 15 employees you can have employees earn an organizational leadership certificate, on-site, in two semesters. Options for cohort-based, synchronous online courses are also available. 

For more information, please email cehs-ldr@wright.edu.

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