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Instructional Design for Digital Learning 1 (IDDL-1) Certificate

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Why Choose Instructional Design for Digital Learning 1?

photo of students in a classroomYou can become a faculty member, instructor, or course designer in higher education, K-12, or the corporate training environment with the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective in designing both online or blended-learning classes. Get this knowledge by pursuing Wright State’s Instructional Design for Digital Learning 1 (IDDL-1) certificate program. 

The entire IDDL-1 program is taught in an online environment. All of your classes are designed using the most current research of effective online pedagogies. You will not only learn about effective teaching practices but also get to experience them. 

Classes include a synchronous weekly webinar, but sessions are recorded if you cannot attend the "live" session. You will use some of the most current technologies to complete the course. This will allow you to get up to speed on new technologies but also learn how to effectively implement them into a learning environment. Some of the technologies that are woven throughout the program include: 

  • Web conferencing 
  • Learning Management Systems 
  • eText Readers 
  • Digital video creation 
  • Posting videos to YouTube 
  • Accessibility for online learning 
  • Virtual worlds 
  • Web page development 
  • Effective PowerPoint design

Contact Information

Sheri Stover, Program Director


View the Instructional Design for Digital Learning program profile for sample occupations, average salary, and employment projections.  

The College of Health, Education, and Human Services has provided a dedicated career consultant to assist you in connecting your major to a career. The career consultant focuses on staying up to date on career trends in education, kinesiology and health, leadership, and human services. Our assigned career consultant is an extension of services offered through Wright State’s Career Services.  

Success Stories

Newsroom Stories

Wright State grad Jessica Edwards goes the distance for Edison State

Participant Testimonials

Below are some thoughts from participants who have taken IDDL-1 classes. Hear from them about how the IDDL-1 classes have impacted their teaching:

Mary Ellen Bargerhuff
Wright State University, College of Education and Human Services
Associate Dean and Professor

"When I began taking the courses in the online certificate program, I was a complete novice to virtual teaching. As an administrator in our college, I was very nervous about looking foolish in front of other students, many of whom I know in a professional capacity. Through these courses, I have learned both practical and instructional design skills that have opened up whole new vistas of opportunity for me. I now feel comfortable teaching in a virtual learning environment. I understand the process from a student and a teacher perspective and I have a grasp of best practice as it applies to the online world. I've come to realize that good teaching can be accomplished in a variety of environments and that there are distinct advantages to teaching online. I've been in the teaching business for many years and it's exciting to realize I can still learn and keep up with these wonderful changes in the field!"

Scott Graham
Wright State University, College of Education and Human Services
Associate Professor

"I took this course to help me help leaders and leadership development specialists/educators/trainers to understand how they can use blended learning to enhance their own learning environments. I got that...and SO much more. I will be able to use our learning lessons in my undergraduate and graduate teaching, in my training/consulting, and in my future work with leaders. It is so amazing to me how relatively easy it is to learn the use of these innovative tools, and what a positive, immediate, broadly appealing and widespread impact learning in this new and creative way can be. Do not think this is "your father's Buick", as the saying goes. The tools and uses have kept up with the needs and demands in our dynamic, complex work environments. If you think online learning is 1000 people listening to a one-way webinar or podcast, you are many years behind the power of the web to make learning come alive. Way behind."

Sean Pollock
Wright State University, College of Liberal Arts
Assistant Professor

"Making Online Courses Interactive" has opened my eyes to the great promise of interactive online teaching. I am learning a lot and I recommend it without reservation. Thank you for offering it."

Marguerite Veres
Wright State University, College of Education and Human Services
Senior Lecturer

"The [IDDL-1] program has enhanced my skills in designing and delivering online courses. I now feel more confident and well prepared to be an online instructor. The techniques presented for designing and presenting effective interactive classes are wonderful. Virtual courses are growing in popularity in education, and new technologies have opened up new ways to deliver effective virtual courses. Educators will be expected to be able to deliver these courses, and the ... certificate program certainly prepares you to do just that."

Academics and Curriculum

View the Instructional Design for Digital Learning 1 certificate program and requirements in the Academic Catalog. 

Instructional Design for Digital Learning 1 Program of Study (PDF)

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Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university 
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.7 or higher 
  • GPA of 3.0 of higher on any previous graduate work, if applicable 
  • Entrance Essay:  Please include a short essay with your application that answers the following questions (see below). Your essay should not exceed 1,000 words or two pages (whichever comes first). You will upload the essay to your application.  
    1. Why do you want to become an instructional designer or take these courses about instructional design? 
    2. Please provide specific examples describing your experience using educational technologies, multimedia technologies, or other technologies and how these experiences would help you to become an instructional designer. Examples of relevant experience could include, but are not limited to, training classes, certificates, minors, or degrees in these areas. Provide links to examples of work samples or a digital portfolio, if applicable. 

Admission Process


Apply to Graduate School using the non-degree/certificate application.


Submit to the Graduate School:

  • One official transcript that shows the completion of a degree (bachelor's, master's, or doctorate).
  • Entrance essay (See guidelines above under Admission Requirements.)

Questions about the graduate school application?  Contact:

Graduate School
Location: 344 Student Union
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Phone: 937-775-2976
Fax: 937-775-2453

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for courses?

    Registration takes place online via WINGS Express. For guidance, refer to step-by-step registration directions (PDF).

  • How do I find out what textbooks are required for my courses?

    Textbook information is available through the Wright State Bookstore. For guidance, refer to step-by-step textbook directions (PDF).

  • Are non-print resources, such as hardware or software, required for the courses in this program?

    Because IDDL-1 and IDDL-2 courses meet online using Pilot Live, you need to be able to participate in online discussions. Therefore, you will need to obtain a headset with earphones and a microphone. The preferred brand is the LogiTech USB H530 headset. 

    In addition, some classes require students to have software applications such as Snagit and Camtasia, which are available at the TechSmith website; scroll down to "Education Purchase Options." 

    When registering for an online or web-only course, you should make a point to read any notes associated with the course. Notes are accessed by clicking on the Course Reference Number (CRN) associated with the course in WINGS Express. Notes often provide further information and instructions that you need to know, including any hardware/software requirements. 

  • How do I access my online courses?

    Online courses take place in Pilot, Wright State's learning management system. For guidance, refer to step-by-step Pilot directions (PDF).

  • When do classes start each semester?

    You may refer to the Wright State University Academic Calendar to view the start date of each semester (fall, spring, and summer).

    Please note that all IDDL courses are seven weeks long. All A-Term IDDL courses begin the same day as the regular semester, as listed on the academic calendar.

    During spring semester, the B-Term IDDL courses begin the same day as the B-Term listed on the academic calendar.

    During fall semester, the B-Term IDDL courses typically begin one week later than the B-Term listed on the academic calendar.

    The course schedule in WINGS Express reflects the official start and end date of all IDDL courses. When you register for courses, your schedule in WINGS Express will list the official date range of your course(s).

  • What IDOL courses have equivalents in the IDDL-1 and Ed Tech M.Ed.-IDDL Programs?

    If you previously took courses in the Instructional Design for Online Learning (IDOL) certificate program and now desire to complete either the IDDL-1 or M.Ed. in Educational Technology-Instructional Design for Digital Learning program, the IDOL course(s) you took can substitute for courses in the current programs.

    Previous Course

    Equivalent New Course

    EDL 7200 (Analysis of Teaching)

    EDT 8110 (Learning in a Digital World)

    EDT 8390 (Instructional Design & Online Learning)

    EDT 8120 (Instructional Design for Digital Learning)

    EDT 8490 (Making Online Courses Interactive)

    EDT 8130 (Making Online Courses Interactive)

    EDT 8590 (Learning Management Systems & Evaluation)

    EDL 8140 (Learning Management Systems & Evaluation)

    Note: Students must complete all requirements for a master's degree within seven years.

  • What courses should I register for each semester?

    EDT 8110 (Learning in a Digital World) is the required first course in the IDDL-1 program. After that, courses may be taken in any order. The attached course guide (PDF) gives a tentative outline of the semesters and terms when IDDL-1 courses are offered.

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