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About the Dean's Student Advisory Board

Dean's Student Advisory Board (DSAB) is a student organization of nursing students who have been accepted into the School of Nursing, Kinesiology, and Health Sciences It was organized in 2012 by the dean as an advisory board for current student issues within the school. We are advocates for nursing students and meet every other Wednesday throughout the semester.

Any student issue can be addressed by the DSAB, who will work to find ways to solve problems and also find answers and explanations for students. The DSAB works with other campus nusing organizations to host fundraisers, events, community service, leadership directives, and ways to better serve the students, faculty, and staff at the university.


The goal of the DSAB is to improve and enrich the nursing student experience at Wright State University. We aspire to increase the value of the school's academics by resolving concerns, developing strategic initiatives, and improving students’ overall experience in the school. We seek to do this by implementing the following:

  • Facilitate communication by serving as a liaison between students and faculty
  • Advocate for the students we represent
  • Advise the dean on issues nursing students are facing  to improve their experiences
  • Serve as a resource to support nursing students with their ideas, concerns, questions, or issues with their studies
  • Advance and improve the school by representing the college at school events


Spring 2021

Averi Vance represents the Spring 2021 cohort and serves as President of the DSAB. Averi is also the PR manager for the Association of Student Nurses, is a member of Sigma Theta Tau nursing honor society, and the president of Pinky Swear. She is in the University Honors Program. Averi can be contacted at

Amanda Flood represents the fall 2021 cohort and currently serves as secretary of the DSAB. She is also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society and works as a patient care assistant at Dayton Children’s Hospital. She can be contacted at                                            

Tori Flanigan represents the Spring 2022 cohort. Tori is also a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and tutors on campus. She can be contacted at

Get Involved

Member applications will open during the third week of the semester. For more information or with questions, please contact the DSAB President at


Dean’s Student Advisory Board

Date Organized: January 23, 2012

Date Bylaws Amended: April 10, 2019


The name of this organization shall be the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, a constituent of the Wright State University Student Government Association (SGA), hereinafter referred to as the DSAB.


The purpose of the DSAB:

  1. To aid in the communication between the College of Nursing & Health constituents and college faculty and staff.
  2. To review current constituents’ educational interests and concerns
  3. To aid in the development or redefining of educational methods and resources.

ARTICLE III: Representative Membership

Section I – Representatives

  1. The DSAB will consist of one (1) representative from each nursing track of the traditional BSN program, RN-BSN, the graduate programs, the duly elected CONH Senator for SGA, and the Dean.
  2. The elected president will co-chair along with the Dean.
  3. Additional representatives may be added by a simple majority of the DSAB.

Section II – Term of Office

  1. For each representative, term of office is concluded upon graduation from the nursing program with their intended track. The CONH Senator’s term shall be consistent with the Constitution of SGA.
  2. If any representative fails to stay on track with their respective cohort, or falls behind by failing to meet college requirements, he/she is automatically removed from the DSAB.
  3. If a member is removed from the DSAB due to failing to meet college requirements to stay in his/her cohort, he/she can reapply if applications are handed out to the new track they have been placed into.

Section III – Responsibilities of Representatives

  1. Volunteer one hour a week to work for DSAB.
  2. Speak to their own cohort about DSAB at the beginning of the semester.
  3. Attend all meetings except in cases of excused absences (defined in Article VI, Section I, Letter b)
  4. Serve as a liaison between student and staff relations.  
  5. Represent the College of Nursing and Health and the DSAB at events associated with the College of Nursing and Health.

Section IV – Removal of Representatives

  1. In the event that a Representative is not performing his/her duties, a DSAB representative can request in writing and submit to the President and Dean that the representative be removed from their position.
  2. The CONH Senator is exempt from removal. Process for removal shall reside in the Constitution of SGA.
  3. The request for removal will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the DSAB for dismissal.
  4. The Representative will then be considered removed from the DSAB and a vacancy will occur.

Section V – Vacancy

     In the case of representative vacancy, whether from dismissal due to not meeting college requirements, dismissal by the DSAB, or voluntary leave, candidates from his/her respective nursing class will be interviewed by the officers, then one will be selected and presented to the DSAB for an official vote.  The new representatives must be approved by a simple majority vote.  If the candidate fails approval, the officers must select another candidate to be presented and approved.

ARTICLE IV: Officers

Section I

          The officers of the DSAB shall consist of the president, vice president, secretary, and the CONH Senator.

Section II – Eligibility

  1. Only current representatives of the DSAB are eligible to hold an officer position.
  2. No representative shall hold more than one position of office at the same time.

Section III – Term of Office

  1. The term of office shall be one year beginning with the September meeting in which officers are elected until the election and approval of new officers the following September.
  2. Current officers may run for another position after the end of their respective term. 

Section IV – Duties of Officers

  1. The president shall:
    1. Preside over meetings of the DSAB.
    2. Have the power to call organization and board meetings.
    3. Represent the DSAB in matters related to the organization.
    4. Work in coordination with the College of Nursing and Health’s Dean to discuss and accomplish goals of the DSAB.
    5. Prepare an agenda for each meeting and provide it to secretary for copies no later than 3 days prior to meeting time.
    6. Not be a president for any other organization on or off campus.
    7. Enforce the Bylaws and any and all other rules or regulations. Any impasse requiring mediation shall be referred to the Chief Justice of SGA.
  2. The vice president shall
    1. Assume all duties of the president in case of absence or vacancy of the president.
    2. Accompany president to meetings with any college staff or faculty, or any person of importance who is affiliated or has business with the DSAB.
    3. Assist the president with duties as deemed necessary.
  3. The secretary shall:
    1. Keep a record of all meeting minutes and records of all organizational business.
    2. Perform a roll call at meetings.
    3. In the event that both the president and the vice president are absent, the secretary will call meeting to order and preside over the meeting.
    4. Perform any other duties assigned by the president.
    5. Prepare a paper ballot from incoming nursing class representative elections.
  4. The CONH Senator shall:
    1. Update the DSAB of all SGA matters.
    2. Update SGA of all necessary DSAB matters.

Section V – Removal of Officers

  1. In the event that an officer is not performing his/her duties, a DSAB representative can request in writing that the officer be removed from their officer position, with the exception of the CONH Senator.
  2. The request for removal will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the DSAB for dismissal.
  3. The officer removed from the position is still able to maintain their position as a representative.

Section VI – Vacancy

 If any officer position is vacant due to removal or a voluntary step-down, the DSAB will immediately perform the election procedure for a replacement officer.

    ARTICLE V: Elections

    Section I – Representative Elections

    1. Representative elections for the incoming nursing classes will occur twice a year: once at the beginning of spring semester and once at the beginning of fall semester for the newly admitted classes.
    2. The members of the newly admitted nursing classes shall be contacted and informed of the DSAB. The president and any available officers will visit the newly admitted student’s first nursing class and hand out an interest form.
    3. The prospective representatives will submit an interest form answering questions given by the DSAB representatives.  The current representatives will then vote in one (1) new representative from the newly admitted classes.
    4. The new representatives will be installed at the next DSAB meeting after elections.

    Selection II – Officer Elections

    1. Officer elections will occur during the last DSAB meeting of the academic year during the spring semester, or as otherwise necessary due to vacancy.
    2. The officers shall be elected by the representatives of the DSAB.
    3. Each representative who wishes to run for and office may nominate themselves at the beginning of the election.  He/she must then present themselves to the DSAB, and explain why they are fit for the position.
    4. Each person may only nominate his/herself for one (1) position.
    5. A paper ballot election will take place.  The candidate with the majority of votes will take the officer position at the first meeting of the fall semester.
    6. The election of the CONH Senator shall be dictated by the Constitution of SGA.

    ARTICLE VI: Meetings

    Section I – Dates

    1. Meetings of the DSAB shall occur at least twice a semester during the academic year.  Meeting dates shall be set and determined depending on each member’s and the Dean’s availability.
    2. Anybody unable to attend a meeting after the date has been set may be considered an excused absence if one of the following were to occur on the meeting date: clinical, class, family emergencies, and personal emergencies.
    3. In the event of an emergency the Representative is responsible for communicating with an officer regarding the missed meeting.
    4. In the event that there is a class/clinical conflict, an email or other documentation letting the president know a representative is unable to attend a meeting.

    Section II – Voting Body

    1. The voting body at the meetings of the association shall consist of all elected officers and representatives.
    2. A majority vote is required for all subject matter voted on, excepted for that stated otherwise.

    Section III– Meeting Attendance

    1. All meetings of the DSAB shall include the DSAB representatives and the Dean. No other faculty or staff shall be present during the meeting to provide for freedom of expression and for confidentiality purposes.

    Section IV – Special Meetings

    1. A special meeting may be called by the president.
    2. Notice of time, place, and purpose of the meeting shall be posted at least five (5) days prior to the meeting date.
    3. The voting body shall remain the same for this meeting.
    4. If any member wishes to request a special meeting, they must give written notice to the president at least one (1) week prior to the requested meeting date.

    ARTICLE VII: Amendments

    Section I – Process

    1. These bylaws may be amended during any meeting by any member by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote provided that proposed amendments have been presented at a previous meeting and/or emailed to all members for review.
    2. Proper amendments shall be submitted in writing to the president for review at least two (2) weeks prior to a meeting date.

    Section II

              Amendments will immediately become effective upon their passage by the voting body of the DSAB.

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